Your Bridge to Productivity – Time after Time Customers Estimate That Visimage Frees 2000 Hours Yearly


Multiply the productivity of users and your system. Choose Visimage to:

  • Drive production reporting on your HP business server through a friendly interface to the Microsoft Windows operating system.
  • Design and schedule powerful batch reports–control system resources from the server.
  • Display database terms for experts and substitute more familiar terms
    for novices.
  • Output to host, network, and local printers or to host and local files.
  • Promote user independence with quick setup and easy maintenance.
Visimage report writer represents twenty years of report writing development. In 1987 Vital Soft originated the concept of a PC-client/HP-server report writer, using desktop power to minimize resource impact on the host computer. Visimage for Windows, first released by Vital Soft in 1994, culminates years of customer experience and testing. Wait no longer– Visimage for Windows is production-proven by hundreds of users every day.


Incomparable Functionality

Visimage uniquely combines a client using a Microsoft Windows operating system and HP business server processing with dynamic reporting features. These advanced capabilities ensure that you never outgrow the power of Visimage. As your needs become more challenging, you can count on Visimage to:

  • Interactively select and sort by any portion of an item/field.
  • Total expressions during a single pass; use these totals in
    other calculations.
  • Design multi-pass reports: create a self-describing file of primary information, then access this file during subsequent reports.
  • Save a combination of selection and reporting tasks as a single unit.
    Use one selection to drive multiple reports.
  • Create spreadsheet-like reports using array type variables.
  • Reformat dates, determine the age of any date, store and reuse complex calculations–all through a library of special operators and macros.
  • Transform any Visimage report into a batch job (script file) with
    just a few keystrokes.


Get speedy results every step of the way from design to display. Follow step-by-step directions, meaningful icons, and helpful menus that quickly guide you through your first report. Your PC handles the report design process rapidly, conserving system resources. Then, integration with third party indexing (TPI) tools such as Omnidex even further enhances the efficient record selection. When you execute your report design, your HP business server processes records directly. This server processing requires no data download (network overload). You can see the results of data that were posted just moments before.
Ad hoc reports await your fingertips. Visimage provides the independence users desire, with minimal administrative overhead. For example, it is easy to change existing reports to fit new demands. Visimage permits you to modify layout, items/fields, sorts, and the files/tables from which you are reporting–welcoming experimentation at any time. You can even design reports that prompt the user for appropriate values at run-time.


Output Flexibility
  • Host printer, Network printer, Local printer
  • Scrollable display screen
  • Microsoft Excel and many other PC file formats
  • Host file with choices of HP and PC formats

Flexible options increase your productivity. From the first day you use Visimage, you can view data instantly in ad hoc look-up lists. You can quickly transfer data from the server and drop it into any popular spreadsheet or word processor on your PC for highly formatted presentation graphics and further analysis.  For more sophisticated production reports, Visimage delivers all the power you need to process complex logic on the server in batch mode, then output to a host printer.


Unlimited Data Access
Visimage provides transparent, multiple file/table access across HP servers, accounts, databases, and even indexed files as well as flat files. Access is subject only to your security needs. Relational views of databases and files/tables permit you to report data independent of file structure, type and location. Simply choose your starting files/tables and a pop-up window displays the available items/fields from automatically joined data structures.


Free Evaluation Copy
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