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Unlocking the Mystery of History

Certain records in the HISTRY database contain data change information that is stored in a binary format. AskPlus includes special library functions to read and extract these records. Export this important audit information into a host self-describing file using the provided job and then access the file easily with either AskPlus or Visimage.

A Long Term Relationship

Vital Soft has worked in conjunction with credit unions operating on the Fiserv Spectrum system for many years. Spectrum users appreciate Visimage as one reporting tool that is proven by credit union users to have a simplicity of use enjoyed by front office users yet is powerful enough to fulfill back office requirements. Our customers include both large and small credit unions.

The same version of Visimage can be used to access data on both HP e3000 systems (with TurboImage) and HP-UX systems (with Eloquence). Reports developed on one system, can be executed without any changes on another system.

Our close association with Spectrum users has allowed us to become intimately involved with credit union reporting requirements. Vital Soft has developed a Quick Start Manual that has been customized specifically for use by our credit union customers. In addition, specialized setup and macro files are provided to expedite installation and assure your initial reporting success.

A combination of our extensive experience and the willingness of our growing number of credit union customers to share reports they have developed with their colleagues has allowed us to establish a library of sample reports.

Visimage Context Library

A full range of hands on training classes are offered to guide users from an introduction to Visimage through advanced report writing. All training is available at the customer site for groups of up to 10 students. Several features of Visimage have been of particular interest to credit union customers. They include:

  • A Windows front end that simplifies report design for all users
  • Access to UNIX databases without requiring an ODBC driver
  • Reporting capability from multiple data sets and databases
  • Reporting capability without creation & maintenance of a dictionary
  • Control of user access to databases and files
  • Macros to simplify common calculations and complex data formats
  • The ability to create calculated fields/values
  • Various data output options including :
    • Display, Host & Local Printers and PC Applications
  • The ability to automatically create batch jobs
  • We invite you to take advantage of a 30-day evaluation to test Visimage using your data within your working environment.

Email our sales department or call 1-800-848-2576 ext 1 for more information or to request an evaluation copy of Visimage.

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