Patelco Credit Union

“Visimage plays a critical role in our reporting environment.  We use it daily to generate normal production reports, tag files and ad-hoc queries.  Vital Soft’s support staff is extremely knowledgeable, professional and very responsive.  We couldn’t be happier with our decision to go with Vital Soft and Visimage.”

Jim Valk, Manager of Information Systems


Travis Credit Union

“We have used AskPlus and Visimage for over three years.  I often use AskPlus to perform quick queries and database updates, as well as to resolve data integrity issues.  Our users have been very successful developing reports with Visimage.  The technical support provided by Vital Soft is outstanding.”

Rob Deeter, Applications Analyst


Clark County Credit Union

Clark County Credit Union has 28,000 members and $200M in assets. “Prior to Visimage the data processing department would have designed a report in Query and printed or archived the report. The user would manually extract the information needed.” explained Jeff Jurczyk, MIS Manager at Clark County.  A method was needed to provide users direct access to vital business data customized to their needs while conserving system resources.

Visimage has allowed our managers and team leaders to gather information to automate business reports and some job functions. The graphical user interface allows most users to begin using Visimage with a minimal amount of training and database knowledge. Now data is easily gathered and imported to other applications such as Microsoft Office.

“In addition,” stated Jeff, “our MIS staff has decreased the time required to produce their complex reports through the power, flexibility, and multi-pass report capability of Visimage.”


Desert Schools Federal Credit Union

Desert Schools Federal Credit Union has 190,000 members and $1.2 Billion in assets and has been using Visimage since 1996.

“Visimage provides not only up-to-date reports for end users from tellers to managers, but it is also a critical part of our automated batch reports and tag files for posting and download interfaces.  We continually grow in our usage of Visimage and have yet to find the boundaries of its reporting capabilities.

This is what Visimage does for us.  We are very satisfied not only with the product but with the caliber of technical support available to users.”

. . . . .  Al Dan
Desert Schools F.C.U.


Sikorsky Federal Credit Union

Sikorsky Federal Credit Union (Stratford, Conn.) services Sikorsky aircraft employees and retirees. They have 46,000 members with assets of $302 million. Sikorsky purchased Visimage in 1994.

“I Love Visimage!!!”

Visimage is a great report writer!  It takes all the busy work out of writing a program and it lets you point and click instead.  It is extremely flexible and gives you fast results.  If you aren’t certain how to do something, all you need to do is call tech support.  Believe it or not they will give you an answer and walk you through whatever you want to do in the same phone call!  All the techs are knowledgeable, and they know the software’s capabilities inside and out.  I would recommend this to everyone.  It is a great time saver.”

. . . . . Carissa Vaccaro
Sikorsky Federal Credit Union