Working with Oracle

The same great tools that you used with MPE and TurboImage are now available with Oracle on UNIX. Contact sales for more information.

Amisys Interface

Amisys customers have been using Vital Soft reporting products for more than 15 years. Many programmers and consultants have used AskPlus to extract and report data from the Amisys system. In recent years, Visimage for Windows has become the reporting tool of choice for both experienced programmers and motivated end users. The ability to access data from Amisys without having to know the HP data structure has empowered many users to gain specific information faster and easier than ever before. Vital Soft has developed a Quick Start Manual that has been customized specifically for the HEALTH database. In addition, specialized setup and macro files are provided to expedite installation and assure your initial reporting success. (View Macro Definitions)

Download Amisys Installation Files

Visimmgr File
Macro Definition File
View Macro Definitions

Amisys Context Library

Many of our customers are willing to share reports they have developed with their colleagues. Several of these samples apply to HEDIS reporting requirements. We invite you to request an evaluation copy of Visimage, or talk to our customers and find out how they are using Visimage to save both time and money. Contact Vital Soft sales or call 1-800-848-2576 ext 1.